2017 Virginia Yarn Crawl

I little over a week ago, the hubby and I made an impromptu trip to the Virginia mountains for a yarn crawl. I had randomly come across the event on Facebook, after being sad that I missed the WNC (Western North Carolina) yarn crawl the week prior. Thankfully my husband is super supportive and was all for it! It helps that our favorite winery, Rockbridge Vineyards is right in the area too. We only made it to a handful of the 11 participating stores, since I had prior commitments for earlier in the weekend. But I bought a ton of yarn, we bought a ton of wine, and we had a blast!

Of course, the bummer, is that I hurt my back right after, so I haven’t been able to knit since we were there!! I think I am on the mend, so hopefully I will have some new projects to share soon. In the meantime, here are some pics of the trip, as well as links to places we visited.

First stop, Rockbridge Vineyard. Seriously, check them out. Their Jeremiah’s is a fave, but nothing is bad.

Next up, Backstitches Yarn Shop in Lynchburg, VA. This is the source of my yarn crawl info. A random Facebook ad from a shop I had forgotten I followed. Lucky for me though! I didn’t take nearly enough pictures, but I scored a gorgeous pink wool yarn and the softest orange cotton. I go for bright colors.

After making a gas stop (and finding wine shots, as my hubby deemed them), we made it to That Yarn Shop in Fishersville, VA. I took more pictures here, but my camera decided I didn’t need them. Its okay though, it saved that terrible picture of me! Each yarn shop had their own yarn for the crawl, along with a pattern to knit with it. So cool!  I bought more pink yarn, of course, as well as a pretty blue cotton.

Last stop was Laughing Sheep Yarns in Charlottesville, VA. I may have lost my mind a bit here. Whoops. I was tired at this point, I blame that. I bought a lot of yarn. At this point I also stopped making up projects I was getting the yarn for. Let’s be serious, I bought it because it is pretty and I want it. So are you ready to see the purchases?


No idea what I’m making next. But I’ll let you know as soon as I do. Next year, we vow to conquer the whole crawl! In the meantime, I have some stash busting to do. Happy yarns!

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